Inventory & Billing

Are you running a retail store, medicine shop, paints shop, etc.? Then you obviously have to manage billing, customer records, payment details, customer due, your purchase due from vendors, customer returns, your returns to vendors, making vat bill from daily used challan, stock, new product entry, daily report, discount management, etc. But with an Inventory Management Application you can manage all the things as expert and can keep your data secure and usable when needed. Application will manage all things; you’ll just manage customer and your business. If you want you can make this software to auto backup data to local machine or to cloud.

And, for making sell and product recognition faster, you can create your own barcode or use existing barcode and can integrate barcode scanner to make your business easy.

You can get Reports in Inventory Management of,

  • Supplier/Item wise purchase reports
  • Credit/Cash based purchase/sale reports
  • Customer/Item wise sale reports
  • Purchase return/sale return reports
  • Date wise total sale/purchase reports
  • Material movement tracking for cloud based application
  • Stock reports
  • Outstanding debit/credit and other…



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