Are you running an industry like Heat-Treatment, Workshop, etc? Then you have to manage order, delivery, stock. But our Order-Manager does it smoothly to manage your full work. There is a small overview of this application.

1) Same software can be used in multiple branches. Billing, stock, etc will be separated for different branches. So you can maintain as many branches as you want with this single software.

2) Huge database of Job list, material, etc (only for Heat-Treatment as of now), so that you have to type less and order creation will be faster.

3) Multiple user maintain: so it can be tracked which user is taking orders. For any problem you can ask that user who has taken the order.

4) If you have multiple companies, you can maintain those with this single software

Order delivery heat treatment

For a order with multiple items, you can deliver part by part. Software will keep track of each delivery and weight. You'll enter delivery challan number to deliver.

Bill heat treatment

Now, while creating final invoice to client, you can search that client and get a list of all delivery done by challan to that client. Then you can group as many challan as you want, set price and rate, and then create invoice. This invoice will be GST invoice. You can skip this part if no GST applicable.

Order Register


We focus on reports as it is the main part which gives you overall idea of your business.

I) Stock report by Pending, delivered order, etc. You can see delivery details also.

II) List of delivery challan which are not billed. This is a snapshot where you can see which client has how many challan pending to bill.

III) You can search Bills from date to date or by client name. Then you can review that and reprint that.

IV) Order register: Here you can review all orders with delivery details. Search by client and date range.

Heat treatment stock
Bill Preview heat treatment
Order Take heat treatment


Heat treatment Order-delivery management

I stopped working with Excel after using this software. Now, I can manage all order, delivery without headache.
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