Fabrication Management Solution

Do you have Fabrication business? You have to manage order and supply, stock of materials, payment to vendors. You also have to manage your account like bank book, cash book. So maintaining too many paper and manual excel is a tedious job and error prone.

Our FMS can do all the above work for you smoothly. And you just have to enter data there and you’ll get managed reports end of the day.

Features are listed below

  • Multi user system where admin can assign different role to system users, like Operator, Admin, etc.
  • Vendor and customer list creation with code so that you can manage them when you want
  • Job card creation and manage with Purchase Order Number, Party Name etc.
  • Automatic material stock management
  • You can purchase material and enter in this system with price.
  • You’ll be taking Jobs and jobs will be being saved in system, it will help you typing less when you again take same type of order
  • You can create temporary bill on each delivery and make final bill at last with all types of taxes
  • Track payments
  • Debit/Credit Ledger maintain
  • Cash book entry for any small expenses in your workshop
  • All type of reports monthly, weekly, daily as you want
  • Total expense management with employees’ salary
  • You’ll take order from customer and can do the job in your workshop and part of it you can outsource to vendors. Everything will be managed smoothly.
Not only those, you can ask us to customize everything as per your need. We can provide a whole customized system matching your business.